Sunday, April 20, 2014

Les Fees Brunes Crozes Hermitage Syrah 2009 wine review by (PB)

Jellied cranberry hue with aromas of dark berry fruit with lovely dill accents and black licorice.

*Palate--Subtle blackberry notes with a bit of a coarse structure,with white pepper notes. Finishes unremarkably.

Produced by Jean-Luc Colombo this is 100% Syrah from Cornas.

I am paring with a roast duckling with an orange sauce and should be just fine.

I paid $20 for this and candidly I'm not real impressed but in fairness, I may be coming down with something so my palate may be off a bit. As it stands, I would give this a pass.

*Update on above review: This wine has had a couple hours to breathe and we have finished with dinner. The wine was so much better with our roast duckling than by itself. It was in fact, not coarse with dinner, it was more complex than it seemed when tasted by itself and the bottle is gone. I could have gone back and simply edited my original post but I believe this serves to teach in the process of the whole wine experience. I am FAR from a novice in the world of wine. So I want this to show how an opinion of wine can change--legitimately--with a change in circumstances and time. So after the fact I have to say this was a very nice wine and a definite "Raise a glass" kind of wine. Old world vs New world--Viva Le Difference!

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