Monday, October 21, 2013

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon (Oakville) 2004 wien review by (PB)

Cranberry jelly hue with a bouquet of sweet red berry away from the glass, with gentle black berry and cedar in the glass. AS the wine breathes and warms up there is a big blast of black berry fruit and cigar box aromas.

Palate--full bodied *minerally presence that is quite pronounced (I didn't expect that) with measured tannins loads of black cherry fruit and a fairly chunky finish with lingering fruit.

*I had a filling replace four hours ago and I think it quite possible that the Novocaine injection may have affected my taster which might explain the very minerally first impression.

Robert Mondavi is of course the iconic Napa farmer who put Napa on the map in many ways. (NW) of this blog and myself visited the Mondavi Vineyard and winery in 2003 I think and just by chance we treated with running into Mr. Mondavi on the property where he was celebrating his 84th? birthday. It is beyond cavil that California wine country owes a great deal to this man and numerous others who brought California into the world wine market as a true leader. This wine immediately takes me to the place where I see Mr. Mondavi wearing a straw hat if I remember correctly as he took guests around his lovely estate. Ah, the memories wine evokes; there is nothing like it.

I paid around $40 for this treat several years ago. It is tasty now but could have used another 5 years in the bottle. Raise a glass to the late King of Napa Cabernet and the man's legendary "To Kalon"(pronounced Toe Kalon) (the beautiful one in Greek) vineyard!

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