Friday, October 11, 2013

Archeo Nero D'Avola 2012 wine review by (PB)

Deep black cherry hue with aromas of spicy cherry with suggestion of cocoa

Palate--well made, with flavors of classic Nero D'Avola cherriness with an integrated spiciness that is reminiscent of Sangiovese. Finishes quickly but leaves a delicate impression of all you just drank.

OK--the "get a grip" factor--I have reviewed numerous iterations of this wine available at Trader Joe's for--wait for it--$5! Now normally a $5 wine is something you might enjoy once if you're lucky or even partly through the bottle but then it turns on you. Not this wine--it is always made well, typifies the grape and is just plain good drinking, for the price; pair it with your favorite Italian fare. So all I can say is "Raise a glass" and you'll be glad you did!

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