Sunday, October 09, 2011

Monte Tondo Casette Foscarin Soave Classico 2007 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Lemon, apricot, and mango on the nose

Medium bodied on the palate

Ultra smooth and finely texured with apple, almond, and hints of vanilla


Here's a beautifully crafted Soave Classico from the Veneto region of Italy. It dances between tropical layers and an underlying tartness, but the real charm is the texture. The wine is ultra smooth and finely textured, just caressing the palate.

Soave is based on the Garganega grape and can contain several other white grapes of various proportions. It's one of the great white food wines of Italy that has suffered brand damage in the past as the term was used generically and not regionally. Expect to pay around $18 for this, and raise a glass!

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Marta Magnabosco said...

Thank you! It's a pleasure have your taste note! Hope to see all of you in winery for taste all other wines from Montetondo!