Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lockwood Vineyard Pinot Noir Monterey 2007 "Block 7" wine review by (PB)

Beautiful crystalline, very light cherry color on the pour that intensifies amazingly once in the glass. This wine is brimming with classic Pinot aromas of strawberry and light hard cherry candy and the slightest touch of spice.

Palate--This wine has depth with a cinnamon front impression with big flavors of bright fruit and some weight with a little tannic edge even. Once you swallow and the fruit subsides after about a minute, there is a surprising green apple finish. Amazing!

I paid $13 for this great wine marked down from $18. If I had only known at the time I would have bought several more!

I paired it with grilled Tuna steaks with a caper and olive oil/lemon vinaigrette sauce. Raise a glass!

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