Monday, August 29, 2011

Renegade Horse Heaven Hills "RedWine" 2008 wine review by (PB)

Slightly opaque garnet hue with a bouquet of spicy green pepper with dark berry fruit and a bit alcoholy.

Palate--Harsh first impression, tannic, with tight plum and black cherry/berry fruit. Finish is a mite bitter with some smoke.

From another blog I read: "Trey Busch (from Sleight of Hand Cellars) began his Renegade Wine project as a response to our recessionary climate. Renegade is a negociant model, so Trey is buying juice (not grapes), and then doing the blending and bottling himself. The blend is a little unusual (39% Cab, 39% Cab Franc, 13% Grenache, 9% Syrah)"

From what I've read elsewhere, most people seem to really like this wine;for the $12 I paid for it, I would call it confused, and harsh. I will say that after a couple hours of air, the wine improved but for the price point, I would lay my $12 on a Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cab or Merlot!

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