Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yellow Tail Reserve Shiraz 2010 review by (PB)

Intense dark plum hue with an equally intense bouquet of plush fragrant sweet, nearly floral smelling fruit full of dark berry and rose petals! Later it's cranberries or dried cherries. Very nice!

Bitter front with a bite, sweeter presence of big, ripe dark blackberries; rear full of more berries, and a finish that is decent.

This is a BIG wine from down under AND one I purchased reluctantly due to the ubiquitous "kangaroo" wines from Yellow Tail which, while popular, are wearisome in their drab mediocrity.

This Reserve Shiraz is worth a try and at the $10 price point I paid for it, it' s a solid value that will improve with a couple more years on it so raise a glass!

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