Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sicilia Nero D'Avola 2009 Epicuro review by (PB)

Very dark, intense purple black cherry hue--Wow! Bouquet is peculiar with more fresh grape aromas than wine aromas. I remarked to my wife that it reminded me of a home made wine. I wasn't expecting much.

Palate-- Silky tannins,, shallow on opening but needed to breathe it. Beneath the obvious immature grapiness, is a solid wine waiting to mature. After breathing, there is black cherry fruit that is dark and fairly deep.

Nero D'Avola is wonderful grape and Sicily does it well. It is fruity and full of cherries and darker berries at its best and it is always fairly inexpensive.

At $6, I will get 3 more bottles and lay them down to give them more time. This should be good so raise a glass.

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