Tuesday, January 04, 2011

F. Chauvenet Grand Vin Mousseux "Red Cap" (NV) review by (PB)

Dark brown in color with a disturbing murky presence. (See actual pic)

Bouquet--Full of nuttiness with slight fruit underneath on a baked caramel foundation with a slight pruney quality that reminds me of a Madeira.

Palate--Slightly sweet, nutty with baked, stewed fruit and a pleasant fruitiness on the finish that lingers.

This wine was a sparkling red from the Cote D'Or which a friend obtained 7 years ago while doing work on a house as it was found in the basement(?) and was given to him to take along. I could not find anything about this wine on line but it was quite old. I did find an old print ad on E-bay from 1964. The cork was in poor shape and of course there was no fizz left in this old wine. That it was drinkable at all was amazing as I get the impression that this was not a "high end" wine when it was made. This was an education and a unique treat. Thanks Tom! So raise a glass to the adventure of wine!

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