Monday, January 24, 2011

Chevalier Collection Legacy Wine Glass Sponsored Review (NW)

The Legacy glass from Chevalier Collection is a unique approach to wine aeration. With a 7 ounce internal aeration vessel built into the Pinot Noir-style glass, every pour is sure to open up and breathe as the wine drains from the internal vessel through several small holes into the larger bowl. The issue with this approach to aeration is that you have to really like the glass. If you don't, you won't want to use it. At home, I only use specific stemware.

Here's the deal: wine aeration works and a lot of devices and techniques can be used. Young red wines, in particular, benefit from immediate aeration. In my experience, the flavors develop more richly and rough edges tend to soften. Does this glass accomplish that? Yes, I believe it does. You can check it out yourself for a promotional price of $10 per glass. See and raise a glass!

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