Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocca Sveva Soave Classico 2008 sponsored wine review by Billy

Nose: peach, lavender, minerals and oil
Palate: smooth on the tongue with a nice acidity at the back of the palate for structure.
Finish: pleasing, tree-nut flour texture at the sides of the mouth at the finish yield a pleasing diversion from other summer whites.
Overall This wine was sent for free to The Wine Cask Blog to review by the Soave Consorzio. It will typically run anywhere from $12-18. This really is a delightful summer wine. Made of 100% Garganega it is a pleasant change from your typical summer time Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay. It is a nice and easily drinkable combination of flowers (I thought lavender) and mineraliness and fruit. It has a good structure that keeps it easy drinking but can stand up to buttery foods. If you are looking for something new, inexpensive and summery, pick up a bottle of the Rocca sveva Soave Classico from 2008 and Raise a Glass!

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