Friday, June 18, 2010

Cave de Saumur "Les Pouches" Saumur 2008 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Fragrant apple, melon, and lemons on the nose

Lively and acidic yet full bodied on the palate

Long finish of peach and citrus


I always enjoy this wine. Made from Chenin Blanc, I promise it will be a crowd pleaser (especially for that anything-but-Chardonnay crowd that seems to show up at most parties these days).

The reason Chenin Blanc isn't more popular is due to two very simple things to explain. Number one: the varietal is not often on the label, so for the original expression of this grape you must know to ask for certain white wines from the Loire Valley in France. Occasionally you'll see one with the varietal on the label from California or South Africa (sometimes called Steen). If you do, grab it. Number two: it's unpredictable. Sometimes Chenin Blanc is very dry and firm but other times it has a sweet edge.

Because of these two factors, here's what I suggest. Try a few on your own- after all, isn't it exciting and educational to try a few wines that might be unpredictable? After you discover one you like, serve it to other people. Trust me on this. You'll have the ABC crowd hovering around your half empty bottle looking for insider information. Oh, the best part is that a good Saumur or Chenin Blanc from other parts of the world costs very little. I paid $12 for this one. So raise a glass!

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