Saturday, September 15, 2007

Francis Coppola Blue Label Merlot 2005 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Inviting aromas on the nose of mixed berries and hints of leather

Smooth texture on the palate

Juicy finish, with plum and hints of spice

The best way I can sum up this wine is with this statement from my tasting notes: "nice second tier Merlot and worth every penny."

If the top tier California Merlots are around $50 or more, it pays to find a few bottles you like on the next rung down. This wine is typically available for about $15, and competes well with wines in a broader price range of, say, $15-$30. Best of all, you'll find it just about anywhere as huge quantities are distributed coast to coast.

I haven't had every recent vintage of this Merlot, but the 2005 is a nice wine. For the soft, smooth, ready-to-drink appeal of Merlot, keep this on your radar. And raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

trash. alcohol and raisin. needs some oak.

Anonymous said...

love it, very smooth and great flavor

Anonymous said...

Also love it - best low priced Merlot I've found - very smooth, deep berry flavor and color. Yum.