Monday, June 20, 2005

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc “Cellar Selection” 2004 (PB)

This is Villa Maria’s 2nd tier bottling and it is outstanding--They also produce a "Reserve" which is more expensive still. This New Zealand white–even with a screw top–grrrrr-has a wonderful floral bouquet with hints of peaches and pears. In the mouth it is lively with a micro-sparkle that tantalizes, it sits a bit sweet-ish yet has wonderful acid with a creamy texture with classic grassy Sauvignon Blanc flavors.. It finishes wonderfully with a lasting remembrance. NW brought this up the last time he was here. Score one for NW. It’s really NICCCCCCCCCCCCE! Because of its solid foundation of acid balance it is great with food, especially fatty food like grilled salmon which we just had.

The difference between a $14 wine and an $8 wine can be a world of difference. Splurge and buy this wine or another like it from New Zealand in the $14 range; the difference is remarkable. Wine Spectator gave this wine "Smart Buy" rating and a 91 to boot! Oh yeah!!! Now raise a glass!

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