Friday, August 10, 2012

Trader Joe's Late Harvest Moscato 2009 (Paso Robles) wine review by (PB)

Gentle golden color with bouquet of mandarin orange, stewed peach, with an under note of alcohol.

Palate-- this is minerally, with prominent stewed or stone fruit flavors with decent acidity and a finish that lingers.

The get a grip factor is that this was $4.99 at TJ's in Pasadena. This is not your typical desert wine but you're not paying a typical price for it either. Is it worth $5? In a word--YUP!

At this price, you can have a lot of fun so raise a glass!


Paso Robles said...

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Anonymous said...

As long as we're discussing Moscatos at Trader Joe's checkout Sara Bee Moscato. $5.99 a bottle. Much more bubbly and fresher tasting. Stewed prunes is not a flavor I associate with Moscato.

PB said...

You're quite right, "stewed prunes" is NOT what one might expect but that IS what was there. I calls em as I sees em! Raise a glass!