Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mionetto Sergio Italian NV Sparkling wine review by Billy

Nose: beautiful layers of crackers, then subtle vanilla and gunmetal
Palate: Nicely dry and firm.  Bubbles are barely there providing some tingly tongue but no effervescent assault. Soft citrus flavors merge with a wet metal mineraliness to give character and flavor.
Finish: Floral finish.
Overall: I paid $15 for this at the local wine store.  This Italian bubbly is mostly Prosecco (70%) grapes blended with some other varieties to produce this sparkling white. I am enamored with this wine.  It avoids the cloying feel of many prosecco wines and instead delivers a beautifully complex nose, a firm, dry mouth feel and an enchanting finish.  I served this with a late night snack of olives, gorgonzola cheese and baklava. Raise a glass!

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wine bar alhambra said...

Thats a very nice review of the italian brand Mionetto Sergio. The bottle design looks great and attractive. The price $15 sounds affordable too so I will give it a try.