Monday, October 24, 2011

Le Vieux Donjon 2004 Chateau Neuf Du Pape wine review by (PB)

There is already some bricking at the rim of this wine meaning it is showing some age so I put it at at around 10 years old.

There was a slight stink which I am equating with Grenache and a prominent peppery aroma pointing to Syrah and Mourvedre. As it sits in the glass there is slight chocolate and licorice with more licorice than chocolate later. Then notes of dried strawberry fruit-leather follow.

Palate--Black Pepper and bold presence trailing to a fleeting chocolate note which was not present on subsequnet tastes. then strawberries on forward.

I was pretty sure this was from the Cotes Du Rhone region of France which is known for their blend of GSM--Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre and of course that is what it was. I was surprised that it was as young as it turned out to be.

Wine Spectator gave this wine 94 points. It was a NICE wine so raise a glass!

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