Friday, October 07, 2011

Il Casale Soave Classico D.O.C. 2009 Sponsored Wine Review By Billy

Nose: Honey and Apricot on the nose.  Soft flowers.
Palate: Spice.  Soft and even balance of acid and sugars.
Finish: Green melon and hay.  Slow and elegant.
Overall: This wine was sent to us at The Wine Cask Blog for review by the good folks at the Soave Consortium. This wine is made of the Garganega grape and comes from the Soave region of Italy.  Overall, this easy drinking white is a very easy drinking wine that has wonderful flavors.  We sampled it immediately on opening where the nose was delightfully strong.  After some exposure to the air, the flavors and feel in the mouth had settled down and evened out.  The softness of the wine is quite elegant.  It is supple and embracing.  This makes it a very accessible wine that pairs nicely with fruit and cheeses or other light snacks.  It retains its flavors without tapering off which is delightful in such an easy-drinking white wine.
Raise a glass to Il Casale 2009 Soave Classico.

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