Wednesday, July 28, 2010

R. Stuart "Big Fire" Pinot Noir 2007 reviw by (PB)

This Oregon wine presents as a very light crystalline black cherry hue with pronounced green pepper aromas on opening with slight pepper nose. With 10 minutes of air the green pepper aromas are gone replaced by strawberry fruit fragrances.

Palate--Somewhat subdued with a hint of licorice and smokey berries. This is an odd Pinot and may be the result of forest fires in the region at the time of growth--not sure without more research. I paid $15 for this and it is unique but exactly in a good way. I would pass on this and buy a Foris Pinot in the same price range and a much better wine.

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Cocoa said...

This wine is crisp, light and fruity with a lasting fragrance of pear. My best friend and I enjoyed it so much, I am shipping him some today. Love you Don Haiti (Latoure) 3/8/11