Saturday, July 17, 2010

Man Chenin Blanc 2009 review by (PB)

Light golden hue with nice aromas of sweet cream, green apple notes with traces of pear and maybe even light guava.

Palate--Racy acidity, juicy fruit core of citrus lemon/lime with a slightly bitter finish.

This is different than previous vintages and is a bit edgy. It is okay for a $9 wine but past vintages were super value Chenins. This one will pair nicely with buttery, fatty foods but I would try something else in a Chenin of which there are many nice values out there. Raise a glass of Chenin Blanc--the Rodney Dangerfield of varietals--but probably not this one.

Colloquially known as "Steen" in South Africa so don't miss a good Chenin because of the name.

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Tom said...

Where can you get this Chenin Blanc? By the way I like your blog. Ill be checing in for other tastings in the future.