Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quarles Harris Vintage Port 2007 review by (PB)

This "Vintage" Oporto is deeply pigmented with beautiful floral violet fragrances with green tree subtleties.

Palate: Thick and creamy, rich, plush, sensual with big dark berry fruit; I am nearly struck dumb at how utterly amazing this vintage port is yet so young. This is a love affair in a bottle, absolutely wowing. I reluctantly paid $38 for a full bottle of this at a Trader Joes in Boston. I have since had my Los Angeles daughter find me a couple more bottles and bring them to Maine.

Note well--there are many "port" wines on the shelf, some which contain the word "vintage" in the title especially "Late Bottled Vintage Port." These are NOT "Vintage" port and normally the price is telling. This is why I was so skeptical of this true Vintage Port being drinkable and 2007 is one of the best vintages of a lifetime. But this is the real deal and a ridiculous value at this price. Considering Vintage Port is meant to age for a long time I cannot even imagine what this wine will be like with some years on it. Raise a glass and say WOW!

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