Saturday, July 03, 2010

July 4th wines by (PB)

With the annual celebration/observance of our declaring independence from the tyrants of Britain only hours away what might you be drinking? Need some ideas? Here goes:
For sitting and quaffing put a good chill on a domestic, German, Alsatian or Aussie Riesling or perhaps a Chenin Blanc; a domestic, S. African, a Vouvray (France) or my first pick--a wonderful Gewurztraminer from California, or Alsace. None of these wines will cost you more than $20 and there are many nice drinking wines at the $10 price point.

If grilling, Zinfandel is my first choice. There are numerous nice examples around $12 but if you want to splurge, buy a "single vineyard" bottling. Plan to pay around $30 but its worth it. For that steak on the grill, get a decent Cabernet Sauvignon; here it will cost you a bit more (high teens on up) but Chile has some nice bargains. Casa Lapostolle (Cuvee Alexandre) or Concha Y Toro are usually reliable but there are many more.

Above all be safe and remember what the day is all about--then raise a glass to all the dead who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

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