Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Wine Cask Blog is Well Ahead Of the FCC

You may not be aware of the FCC's ruling that blogs need to disclose when they are reviewing or endorsing products for which they have been paid or given for gratis. This is not unreasonable since trying to get an objective evaluation of a product from someone who essentially works for the company is not exactly reliable.

For years--actually ever since it's inception--the WCB has always disclosed if or when complimentary wine has been sent to us for review. We didn't need the threat of a Federal mandate; it just seemed to be the right thing to do. After all--we are partial individuals and try though we may to be objective, when someone sends you free wine, it is not always easy to be completely objective! Maybe that off aroma or imbalanced palate is a fluke or a result of poor shipping conditions--"let's give benefit of doubt," we might think, "lest we offend our benefactor and they no longer send complimentary wine."

So we always let you know upfront when a wine any of us reviews was sent to us for that purpose. It doesn't happen very often--at least not as often as we would like :) but when it does we want you to know so that you can filter it through your own grid and decide if it might be worth a try.

We at the WCB are proud to have had this in place as a matter of integrity before it was made a law and we just want you to know that you can always rely on us to give you the straight scoop on spending your hard earned dollars and when we say a wine is "Good" or an exceptional value, we do so from the years and hundreds of wines we have experienced to help you avoid wasting your money! So raise a glass with confidence.

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