Friday, October 09, 2009

4 Bears Sean Minor Central 2007 Coast Chardonnay wine review by Billy

This wine was provided free of charge to the Wine Cask Blog for Review.
Nose:Fresh and fruity tropical Apricot, Peach, and nutmeg on the nose.
Palate: soft but notable acids that blend seamlessly for a textured feel. Noticable tropocial pitted fruits. More of an old world elegance feel in the mouth with aluminum notes hinting of the central coast regions the grapes come from.
Finish: An unusually long and excitingly pleasant finish from this chardonnay. Elegant and subtle but lengthy in a way that reminds you that it is there but does not cloy or overwhelm.
Overall: An elegant and delicate chardonnay with fruity flavors but old world crafting. A wonderful California chardonnay with a unique, old world character and new world flavors

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