Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sean Minor "4B" Pinot Noir Napa Valley Carneros 2007 wine review by (PB)

This wine was sent to the WCB without charge, for review.
Crystalline garnet color that almost shimmers in the glass; Gently spiced Pinot aromas are pleasant with light cocoa, and strawberry being prominent.

Palate--Minerally first impression with edgy acidity and almost candied, strawberry and raspberry notes. It delights to the end with a milk chocolate finish and chocolate covered cherries.

The reference point on this wine is $17. This is a classy if simple Pinot Noir and for the price, a nice gift for someone cutting their teeth on wine exploration. I haven't seen these wine in my neck of the woods (Maine/New Hampshire) but if you find them around you, they are worth a shot! Raise a glass and check my previous review of another Sean Minor wine.

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Danica said...

Thanks for the review, PB! Our wines are available in MA, but not in New Hampshire or Maine, yet.

Sean Minor
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