Friday, October 16, 2009

Gemtree Vineyards Tadpole Shiraz 2008 wine review by (PB)

Realtime review:
This McLaren Vale Aussie varietal is a dense black cherry hue with more black then cherry. Blueberry pie aromas with fragrant floral notes, celery, sweet candy and even on this un-breathed, too chilly a wine, the bouquet is promising. Loaded with scents, it needs to warm up a bit. While warming, more wonderful aromas rise with rose blossoms with a touch of minty greenness, and eucalyptus. All that's missing is a koala bear... Wow!

Palate--huge, full bodied, weighty, and dense textured. This wine is soft caressing your mouth. There are loads of fruit on a structure that is nicely done. This could have been a 20 megaton fruit bomb but instead is just a pleasing, BIG, tasty wine that doesn't seem to finish. It just keeps going on and on.

Tie me kangaroo down sport! You can find me out by my billabong raising a case of this value treat. $11 has never bought so much wine. Impressive! I will serve it up with some homemade venison chili! Here's to my frogophilic grandson in Minneapolis!!!


Mike C said...

Which wine goes best with football?

Thought your readers might find this interesting to ponder:

Best Regards,
Mike Clifford
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William said...

I'm drinking this wine for the first time as I speak. I totally agree with your tasting notes. I have three massive eucalyptus trees in my back yard (San Fernando valley, CA) that I can observe from where I'm currently squatting. I will look for Koala's and any kangaroo's that need to be tied down.