Monday, October 19, 2009

LaBoure-Roi Syrah 1999 wine review by (PB)

A couple times a year (NW) and I take a stroll around Boston hunting for wine bargains, wine oddities and close outs. A couple weeks back we hit four or five stores; all but one previously visited. Brookline Liquor Store has a great selection, a knowledgeable staff and you pay for it. But you recoup the markup if you buy 6 bottles receiving a 20% discount.

In one of the closeout stands, I found this lone bottle magnum of 10 year old Syrah. It was $13 with a sticker on it to take off 25%. That' s just too stinking cheap to pass up even it turns out to be"bad." I was banking on the large bottle format which tends to preserve wines better.

I opened it for a group of friends we had over the other night.

The presentation was showing its age with some bricking (brick red coloration which is what happens as red wines get old) but it still had plenty of life in it as well with a faint black cherry hue also still visible.

The bouquet was promising with a distinct coffee aroma upon opening but left immediately yielding to cream and fruit with subtle sweet soap and pipe tobacco.

Palate--the moment of truth; this wine was fully integrated, wonderfully mature, balanced in all ways with light fruit, evolving minerally tastes and steely finish.

This bottle was polished off quickly and was a great find on our hunt--certainly the best value of the endeavor. A Vin De Pays D'oc Syrah, ten years old at a cost of what equals $5 a bottle. How can you say anything but "Raise a glass?"

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