Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 blind wine review by (PB)

In Boston recently (NW) served me a surprise blind which means I am supposed to guess what it is. It's fun when you are close; it's embarrassing when you're not. This was the latter!

My notes said the following: Garnet hue with some depth and a few years of age; boquet of cherries with slight licorice and sweet fruit.

Palate: solid tannins, sweet cherry fruit, with a quick finish; an excellent wine perhaps a quality Chianti from the 2001 vintage.

When (NW) revealed what it was I was ashamed; okay mildly embarrassed. The last Jordan Cab I remember was one of the best wines I had had to that time and that was back circa 1984. (NW) paid $50 for this puppy and we indeed raised several glasses--until it was gone! You can't win em all!

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Rob said...

Some of the best Cabernet's I have tasted were produced in Tuscany where Chianti is made. Of course we know them as the "Super Tuscans"; Sassicaia, Ornelaia, Solaia. It is noteworthy that André Tchelistcheff, who consulted at Jordan for 18 years, had a hand in the growing of Cabernet in Tuscany with the Antinori family. Certainly Sangiovese is not exactly comparable to Cabernet as a grape, but perhaps you should retaste some of those older Sassicaias. This is the tasting notes from the Sassicaia's web site on their 2003:
Sassicaia 2003 is of an intense, concentrated and deep ruby colour. Very complex and elegant on the nose, with scents of red fruits.

Strong, concentrated, with sweet and balanced tannins on the palate. Very long finish
Maybe you should try the two together. Regardless of the comparisons, it sounds like the wine was pleasing; and isn't that the reason for popping a cork?
Rob Davis
Jordan Vineyard and Winery