Saturday, August 16, 2008

Block 45 Petite Syrah wine review by (PB)

Purchased on closeout for $5 (hey--sometimes you can find a real bargain) but this wasn't one of those times.

Purple hue with a presentable bouquet of some presence with dark berry fruit and a gentle cinnamon note.

In the mouth it is hot, harsh and even the touch of licorice can't help the thin fruit and watery texture of this liquid brew. Pass on this one.


Drew said...

Sounds like you may have gotten a bottle of "Hot" or "Cooked" Petite Sirah here. I own a wine shop and Block 45 Petite Sirah sells well and people (including me) enjoy it. If you got it on close-out, there's a reason they were shoving it out the door for only $5...i'd always be wary of wines on close-out...they're often past prime and/or improperly stored.

Mercedes said...

I agree with Drew, the couple of bottle of the Block 45 I have had were yummy. I think it's a fantastic inexpensive wine. Sorry PB, sounds like you got a bad bottle.