Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chateau Roland La Garde 2005 wine review (PB)

Last Summer in Chicago I bought a bottle of this and had it that night. I had just started to grab the inexpensive 05 Bordeaux looking of for some bargains from this great vintage.

This wine was supposed to be $18 according to one of the store clerks but for some reason which he couldn't explain it was $10. I didn't expect much but then the 05's were just starting to hit the market and I didn't know what to expect.

I was blown away at how good this wine was so I went and bought one more to take on the plane with me back to Maine.

I opened this the other night with friends.

It is light purple to black cherry with a chocolate foundation with nicely balanced fruit, leather and spice.

In the mouth there was an initial but fleeting blast of cinnamon that was wonderful on top of a solidly crafted wine flexing its muscles; it needed to be breathed.

Surprisingly, 3 hours of air didn't do anything to relax this wine and really needs another 1-2 years on the shelf. This is just a great example of Bordeaux style even at a ridiculously low price. As I have written before, grab the cheap 05's you find and give them a swirl; you WILL find a bargain or three in your journey so raise a glass!

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jingzhi said...

Oh I love this wine too :D felt so lucky to have tried it.