Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chateau St. Jean "JIm Town Ranch" Late Harvest Gewurztraminer 1980 wine review by (PB)

Well, (NW) pulled out a whopper on this one serving me another blind surprise. This wine was obviously aged with an amber-brown hue and caramelized carrot aromas with an underlying baked fruit and maple syrup notes.

In the mouth this rare treat had a very slight citrus rear presence with prunes accompanied by stewed apricots and a finish that lingers on and on. This wine was wildly sweet yet with the acid foundation to carry it with0out being cloying.

That this wine was still potable after 28 years is phenomenal and a testament to the skill of then wine maker, Richard Arrowood, who would go on to found his own winery.

This was an amazing adventure. (NW) paid $40 for this half bottle but the experience was priceless! Raise a glass!

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