Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2006 wine review by (PB)

This is ONE exception I make for a wine with a stupid animal on the label. It is one of my favorite Sauvignon Blancs at the $10 price point though I found it for $8 on sale. It is a great value at either price. It is pale with a bouquet of guava and tropical fruit with a solid acid foundation.

A fine example of New Zealand S. Blanc.

It has great texture and classic flavors with a lasting finish. But this monkey and spank it down! It is really nice! Raise a glass.


At 9:11 PM permalink, Anonymous Donald said...

I, too, avoid strange label wines but this is an exceptional sauvignon blanc in this price point. Crisp, light and wishing you had more!

At 4:45 AM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had this on the weekend and my jaw dropped to the floor it was sooo nice!!! omg it was so smooth and just divine every single drop! where can I get me some! some friends brought us a bottle over...

At 12:22 AM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my all time fave for a few years now! So crisp and lovely!

At 12:45 AM permalink, Blogger Karen said...

I also love this wine but got a bottle today that was golden in color and tasted like a sherry...yecchhh....what was wrong?

At 4:41 PM permalink, Blogger PB said...

Karen--Since this is a screw top wine you can't say it was "corked" but the fact is, somehow the wine was contaminated with "air" which oxidized the wine. This is the same effect as if it were "corked."

You should reseal the wine and take it back to where you bought it. I have never had a store not cheerfully refund my money or replace the wine. Raise a glass.

BTW--I just bought another bottle of Monkey Bay S. Blanc since it has been a while since I reviewed one so keep checking back!


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