Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pecchenino San Luigi Dogliani 2021

A glistening ruby with aromas of baked bread, savory and sweet spices, Loads of red berry hard candies and violets. 

Palate--A rather relaxed yet nicely structured first impression with gentle if not playful red fruit trifle, with a strong beam of those spices right down the middle.

This Piedmont (Italy) grape called Dolcetto, are derived from various vineyards in the region. It is a grape that doesn't get the respect it deserves being over shadowed by the great Nebbiolo and the more forward, Barbera.  I would liken it to "Chenin blanc" in the white wine world in that it gets little respect but deserves so much more.  The advantage of this is that it is a relative bargain.

I am pairing it tonight with my wife's home made "Italian sausage and kale" soup with homemade cheese bread.  At $9 this is a definite raise a glass! 

BTW--Put a nice chill on it and enjoy it pool side with appetizers of all sorts!

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