Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pietra Santa Zinfandel 2008 wine review by (PB)

Garnet hue with aromas of robust spiciness with a unique odor that I can't pin down that seems to dissipate leaving light blackberry notes remaining

Palate--tightly wound with staid fruit which I think just needs some time to open up and warm up; my cellar this time of year is right around 54 degrees which is perfect storage temp but I find a bit too cold to appreciate the nuances in a wine.

After breathing and warming up the bouquet remains pretty much as reviewed but the unique odor has dissipated. The palate is bigger than initial tasting. There is a clear beam of cocoa underneath the fruit and a finish that lingers for sometime.

This is my first experience with Cienega Valley Zin. My wife paid $16 for it which is a fair price for the wine so raise a glass!

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