Monday, September 01, 2014

Robert Hall Syrah (Paso Robles) 2011 wine review by (PB)

Black Cherry hue with aromas of mulled blackberries with Christmas spice, and a touch of cherry cream.

Palate--Tightly wound at the moment with woody smokey presence and austere plum and dark berry fruit.

I don't remember what I paid for this but I am sure I bought it because it was on sale. Reference price seems to range about the $18 mark so I probably found it for $12 or so. Tasting on opening was not impressive but it clearly needs to breathe. The review that follows is after it has opened up which may be helpful to see these reviews before and after.

After breathing-- pretty much the same with the addition of a definite beam of cocoa running down the middle. This was a disappointment of a Syrah; nothing remarkable or memorable so while it was "ok" I'd give it a pass!

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