Monday, March 31, 2014

Concha Y Toro (Puente Alto Marques De Casa Concha) 2011 wine review by (PB)

Intense Purple black hue with heavy pigmentation

Bouquet-- Burnt ash right on opening with bold, black berry and tar, with vegetal notes of green pepper, and a host of aromas I don't even have descriptors for. After an overnight, the burnt ash is gone and menthol/cedar looms prominently.

Palate--Bold inky dark berry flavor, with eucalyptus notes, and intense dark baker's chocolate with a slightly tannic foundation, and a young mouth feel again reminiscent of a young Don Melchor.

Finishes with charred oak and a pleasantly bitter berry fruit finale.

This reminds me of Concha Y Toro's fabulous Cab "Don Melchor" in its infancy. This is their 2nd tier label of which I reviewed several vintages over the years as a consistent superior wine every year.

I paid $19 for this recently; it is listed in the Wine Spectator with a reference price of $26 and 93 pts on their 100 point scale. (Good call WS!) This Cab is pleasant and impressive right now but there is much more to come with another 3-5 years and will hold for another 10. At $19 it's a super value and at $26 it's still a great value so--Raise a glass for sure!

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