Monday, January 28, 2013

(PB's) Value Picks from 2012

We've enjoyed some awesome wines this past year and some not so awesome ones. Below are some of my value picks that stood out this past year. Remember to enjoy wine to the fullest, determine your palate--ie., what YOU like and then determine a price point--what you would be willing to pay for an everyday wine--then start drinking making notes so that you can determine some patterns of what you gravitate toward. Once you know what you like, every now and then, go out of your pattern and experiment! There are so many wines produced today, don't bore yourself with the same old same old. Whatever you do, follow our blog to help you with your selections; why spend money on something you know you won't like! And whatever you do, "Raise glass!"

Solid cherry hue with great cherry bouquet with sweet cocoa, some wood and steal. Awesome!

Palate--Perfectly integrated with cherry, tobacco, loads of herbs and balanced complexities that are harmonious and drinking superbly. Delicious!

This is Chianti Classico from the great 07 vintage in all its glory and is worth seeking out. For the money ($20) it is a grand deal so raise a glass!

Montegrossoli "Podere Ciona" 2008 ($14)
Black cherry hue with bouquet of sweet cherry/berry fruit atypical for a wine comprised of 100% Sangiovese. A touch of cedar and dill highlight a wine that smells more like a Cabernet.

Palate--My notes for this were non-existent but the words "Drinking well" and "Delicious" were all I wrote which means I intended to go back to my log but failed to. I have another bottle of this wine but this was an outstanding quaff. At $14 reduced from $28 it's a raise a glass kind of wine!

Columbia Crest H3 (Horse Heaven Hills) Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Nice deep black purple Syrah-like hue with crazy fruit jumping out of the glass on the pour.

Bouquet of Mint jelly with chocolate touches and great spice with blackberry and currant.

Palate--Super relaxed tannins and bold flavors of tar and berries with huge heavy mouth feel. Lingering finish!

This is a ridiculous value wine worth buying a case and cellaring. $12.50 a bottle and its a lot of wine. Raise a case of this ultra-value wine!

Drops Of Jupiter 2011 ($8-11)
Intensely pigmented black cherry hue

Aromas of huge jammy blackberries with tar, and dark cocoa.

Palate-- Silky, thick presence with big blackberry, extracted style, full bodied; a BIG fruit bomb that finishes with more berries and dark chocolate.

This is a lot of wine for $8.

Jimmy Stafford of the band "Train" (Hey Soul Sister) produces this wine and gives a portion of the proceeds to a San Francisco organization called Save Me San Francisco.

Sourced, blended, California fruit,(my guess is a major portion of Syrah) this is a nice value if you're in the mood for this style of wine so raise a glass.

Citrus and powdery melon with creme brulee notes.

Palate--Robust acidic foundation with nice full flavors of fruit in an off dry style. This is a crisp, easy drinking wine of solid structure.

This is a tasty, crisp California Pinot Grigio for which I paid $5 a real steal so raise a glass!

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