Monday, December 03, 2012

Villa Canestrari Auge Soave Superiore Riserva 2006 Sponsored Wine Review

Nose: Honeysuckle, vanilla and pear nose.  Incredibly round, soft and smooth scents.  The nose is amazing on this comparatively older Soave.
Palate: Velvety soft  mouth feel that has a lovely balance and just enough of an acid backbone to stand up without buckling.  Elegant and delightful.  Great structure that stands up to fatty dishes.
Finish: Young finish even though this is over 6 years old!  Lasting and Lingering greenery and honeydew melon tastes.
Overall:  This is the best Soave I have had the opportunity to taste!  It is bold and round while maintaining a sophisticated and balanced elegance.  The nose is simply amazing.  This Italian white  wine is comprised of Garganega 85% and Chardonnay 15%.  The Chardonnay imparts a buttery fullness while the Garganega delivers on structure and vanilla.  It is an amazing blend and a truly Superior Soave!

We had the opportunity to taste this with PB of this blog while he was out visiting from the Northern Wine Cask Blog Annex.  It was made even more delightful for his being here.  Raise a Glass!


Unknown said...

This sounds like a little taste of heaven. Great review. Perhaps I'll need to raise a glass with PB of this blog one of these days as well.

PB said...