Sunday, October 21, 2012

2010 Barba Vasari Montepulciano Sponsored Wine Review by Billy

Nose: Earthy mushrooms with plum and dark cherry
Palate: Strong and tight acids that come on early and strong.  Very soft tannins leave a thin feel and a medium body.  Plums are prominent flavors in the mouth.
Finish: Elegant finish characterized by more plum and earthy notes.
Overall: The nose is great on this Italian red wine.  The medium body and thin mouth feel makes this easy to drink.  It is an elegant wine with a small, unobtrusive footprint.    It will complement meals rather than take center stage. List price on this wine is $10.99.   Special thanks to the PR team at Colangelo & Partners Public Relations for providing the media samples.

The label to the right says 2009, we reviewed the 2010.

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