Monday, November 07, 2011

CalNaturale Mendocino Organic Chardonnay 2009 Sponsored Wine Review by (PB)

Lemon and orange marshmallow "circus peanuts" aromas with of touch of vanilla.

Palate--sits with lively acid, and a fairly shallow flavor foundation but straight forward and pleasant enough especially if chilled. Finishes quickly.

I tasted this along side a 2004 Chablis "Millesime" (Simon et.Febvre)which has more depth but the CanNaturale is a better value! At an extended price of around $10.50 for a standard bottle, the CalNaturale stands its ground.

Candidly though, they both present as wines at that ubiquitous price point of $10. So the competitive edge goes to this "certified organic" Chard for its handy outdoor friendly Tetra Pak for that trip to the beach, or hike through the woods to the lean-to for the evening. Raise a glass or Bota bag as the case may be...

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