Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chateau De Candale 2005 review by (PB)

Candale is a Grand Cru St. Emilion from the famed 2005 vintage. I am pairing it with a rib roast and my initial tasting of it with on opening shows it will be a nice wine and the perfect pairing. I am allowing it to come to room temp (my cellar is set at 56 degrees and it definitely needs to breathe. I am allowing it 4 hours.

Now that it has opened,there are many more layers. It is this phenomenon of "layers" or complexity that separates the more pricey wines from the lesser ones. This is an 80% blend of Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc.

Bouquet--Bouquet is sweet fruit laden aromas of black cherry, cedar, licorice, cigar box and black ripe plums, with slight menthol.

Palate--bready,chewy,structured for age, loads of plummy fruit and black cherry bites on a frame of tannins which have toned down with breathing. It was marvelous with our rare rib roast and Yorkshire pudding. A treat all the way around and a fitting feast honoring the King of kings.

Raise a glass to this Christmas celebration and Happy Hanukkah to the patriarchs of the Faith!

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