Monday, November 01, 2010

"Legacy Aerating Wine Glass" review by (PB)

The folks at Chevalier Collection LTD. sent this new patent pending aerating wine glass to the WCB for evaluation. This hand blown, lead free glass will accommodate 7 ounces of wine. The folks at Chevalier say that this has been proven "scientifically" to aerate wine. Maybe a word of explanation here is prudent: Most red wines do in fact improve as they are open to the air to "breathe." In fact even some white wines also improve with some exposure to air. This exposure in a sense forces a maturational process of the chemistry of the wine giving it a better, fuller flavor.

To do this is objectively as possible I poured a white Burgundy into the aerating glass and then transferred the wine into my standard tasting glass. Although this glass is designed to drink right from the same glass, I wanted to make sure the aerated and unaerated wines were tasted with the same conditions meaning the same glass.

My wife served the aerated white and the unaerated white to me blind. I then recorded the bouquet of each wine and selected which I thought was a fuller bouquet hence aerated. Then I tasted each wine and recorded the review as well as which I thought was the aerated wine being more "open" and better tasting.

Then I repeated this same test with a Chianti Classico (red wine.)

In both cases, I was right on all counts showing that the aerating glass in fact DOES improve the wine effectively aerating it as it is poured. Hats off to the folks at Chevalier! I do not know what this glass will cost and as a down side of sorts, I don't know how many people will want to drink their wine out of a glass that is a bit "clunky." But I can say without equivocation that the Legacy Wine Glass does work! So raise a glass of aerated wine!

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