Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Volcan Wines Estate Koutsoyanopoulos Vinsanto 2003 Sponsored Review by Billy

Eyes:In the delightfully square bottle, this wine shows a deep reddish amber. In the glass it shows as a toasted amber color with yellow near the edge.
Nose: Toasty hazelnuts, raisins and caramel on the nose.
Palate: Velvety soft on the palate, very sweet and nearly syrupy. A razor thin acid core runs right down the middle providing structure.
Finish: Lingering raisin and noticeable tart cherries at the sides of the mouth.
Overall: This wine was provided to the Wine Cask Blog free of charge for review. Special thanks to Constance. This wine comes from the Greek island of Santorini where wine making has been going on for literally millennia. This delicious dessert wine comes from the Koutsoyanopoulos Winery. It is a blend of the Assyrtico,Athiri and Aidani varietals. What I love about this dessert wine is the character - toasted nut elegance with tart cherry vigor all in a lovely sweet package that stands on its own as an after dinner treat. Or pair it with raw nuts, cheese or ice cream for a real treat.

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