Thursday, December 31, 2009

The WCB's "Top Ten" Lists for 2009

On this our 5th anniversary, we are pleased to post our top ten lists of wines each of us at the WCB--(NW), (Billy) and yours truly (PB)--have tasted this past year. You will note that most of the wines are very approachable from a cost stand point as we are actual, honest to goodness, working class people who study, drink and review wine as an extra-curricular life pursuit.

As you scroll down, peruse each of our lists. We hope you will get a feel for the diversity of wines and the values to be had in a wine world where some labels have soared to untouchable price points except for the richest--or most foolish--among us.

Raise a glass in 2010 and have a happy New Year!

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Richard said...

Good list there! Will add them to my favourite. Thanks a lot!