Monday, March 30, 2009

Fleurie Beaujolais Cru 2006 wine review by (PB)

G. Duboeuf always seems to be reliable no matter he ships. This is no exception.
This wine--one of the select locales of the Beaujolais region--Fleurie--is a nice wine with cherry hue and an awesome milk chocolate, wilds cherry, strawberry and spice aroma.

Palate--some heft with some tannic structure though elegant with flavors of light milk chocolate, strawberry and cherry and a milky chocolate finish.

This wine is lively and bright which is why you buy Beaujolais in the first place. If you have someone who says they just don't like red wine, shoot them; no--seriously, give them a shot at Beaujolais; the Gamay grape is gentle, fruity and while it isn't sweet, it is so fruity it gives the impression it is. All the Beaujolais Cru--the highest quality Beaujolais there is, will only run you between $13-$18. So raise a glass!

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