Sunday, October 12, 2008

Emilio Moro Ribera Del Duero 2003 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Wild berries and game on the nose

Strong structure and dense fruit on the palate

Moderately tannic finish of berries and smoke

This is the "other" Ribera Del Duero. While many red wines from this region of Spain can be decidedly big and ripe, this wine is better described as subtle and nuanced. Also, I'd prefer to give a few more years in the bottle to see how it evolves.

The label states "100% Tinto Fino" which is a synonym for Tempranillo. Tempranillo is an extremely versatile grape, and many styles are developed from it in Spain. I suggest you work a few of them into your Fall wine purchases.

By the way, this bottle will cost around $30 or so. I paid the worst restaurant markup I've ever seen at $130 for a recent business dinner (and will never buy another bottle of wine at that restaurant again). Of course, that's another topic for another day. Raise a glass!

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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Hey NW, love the Wine Cask blog - i'll definitely be coming back here for accessible and informative reviews. The 2004 vintage of this Ribera del Duero was also recommended by our community. They write some great reviews.