Saturday, April 12, 2008

Menage a Trois 2006 Wine Review by Billy

(2003 pictured, 2006 reviewed)
Nose: Big and Fruity with Black, Blue, And Red Raspberry smells. Some cinnamon and cedar give it character.
Palate: good balance, big feel in the mouth. not flabby, not over done.
Finish: blackberry jam finish with some pepper.

Overall, this is a decent red-sauced pasta accompanying red table wine. It delivers easy drinkability and simple, fruity tastes and smells. Structurally it is unsophisticated but not poor. A good every-day value wine. This bottle was part of a meal gift from friends but I've seen it go for anywhere from $9 to $15 dollars locally.

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  1. Great review-and love the name too.
    If your subscribers need more info on winemakers and wine producers in the Aude,Languedoc- here is a directory to help them find great vineyards..
    Happy Hunting