Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Quick Swirl: Marques de Borba Alentejo 2001 (NW)

A quick swirl review:

Marques de Borba Alentejo 2001

Fruity strawberry jam on the nose
Silky Syrah style texture on the palate
Burst of green bell pepper on the finish that tapers off quickly

This is a very interesting wine. Portugal is making in-roads in the dry table wine category. Of course, they are world-famous for delivery port wine. I look for Portugese red wines in every store because they tend to be interesting and inexpensive. I paid $11 for the bottle at a wine store in Chicago. If you are serving guests, this is far more interesting than a basic Merlot or Shiraz and has similar qualities to both. This wine is an Alentejo, which is a blend of Periquita, Trincadiera, and Aragones grapes. It delivers the interesting silky texture of Shiraz or Syrah, the fruity and smooth quality of Merlot, and the exotic terroir (land) of Portugal. What a great way to explore the world of wine! Raise a glass!

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