Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Castle Rock Pinot Noir (Mendocino Co.) 2011 wine review by (PB)

Pale cherry hue that might even be showing a touch of age.

Bouquet--Wonderful Chinese 5 spice on strawberry and raspberry notes with a suggestion of floral cocoa.

Palate--Almost velvety on the palate delicious touches of strawberry and raspberry fruit in abundance with a "dressed up" kind of ending.

This is one of those wines you kick yourself for not having bought more when you had the chance but then again you didn't know what was in the bottle. This is a really well made and tasty Pinot Noir which at this price point--$11--makes it a super value wine. I will look for more but I got it out of state! Raise a glass if you find some a buy a couple more to drink within the next year. It won't get any better than this!

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