Monday, February 10, 2014

Brazin Zinfandel 2010 wine review by (PB)

Substantial garnet hue with aromas of big cocoa notes with classic brambly zinfandel along with loads of spice and wild blackberries and ripe plum.

Palate--Mocha mid-palate with rich textured deep berry goodness on a plushly textured foundation with bold finish of thick *tar. Quite tasty!

This Lodi Zin is better than I expected. I was already (negatively) biased by its **name and the fact that it was from Lodi. I had a bad experience visiting Lodi a couple years ago when I walked into a tasting room ready to spend some decent money on the wine but the proprietor was too busy with the good old boys at the bar to even acknowledge my presence which was difficult to do considering the small area of the room. I left without buying a thing and a bad attitude. I have shied away from Lodi wines ever since. So why did I buy this? I had a gift certificate to a wine store with a very small inventory and this was about the only thing I was remotely interested in being the Zinfandel fan that I am. This is actually one of the better Zins I have had in some time. I paid a hefty $20 for it which is a premium price but seriously, is not a bad price for the wine. It can be had for as low as $12! Bottom Line? Raise a glass!

*Tar doesn't seem to be a palatable or positive comment but it is. Tar is often a common descriptor for big bold Cabernets and other bold reds. Well, this is quite tarry!

**I do not like the label of the wine, and I do not like the name at all. Shouldn't matter in the least I realize but it does to me and I spend WAY more on wine annually than probably 95% of the populace; are you listening marketers?

At any rate, given all the negatives I had keeping me from liking this wine, it is a GOOD wine so again "Raise a glass!"

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